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Winning Story Workshop

Do people engage with your story?

Your customers need to quickly understand your value or they will stop listening and not buy your services!  If buyers are not listening all your investment in marketing will not grow your business. 

Attending the Winning Story Workshop will teach you how to simplify your messaging and write a winning story that tells customers you care what they want and you can help them achieve it.  


Join your peers for a half day group Winning Story Workshop.  Work in groups to understand what your customers are looking for and define the elements of your winning story.   During the workshop you will compose a story one liner to use in sales conversations, marketing content and lead generation.  


 Schedule a private one-day Winning  Story Workshop for your team.   Our expert facilitators will come to  your location and work with you to understand what your customers are  looking for and define the elements of your winning story.  Then  discover best practices to implement your new story to engage customers  and grow business.    

Winning Story Workshop Includes:

Why Having a Story Matters

You will learn about the value of clear messaging and using a story to communicate with customers

Easy to Use Framework

We will work together to understand what your customers are looking for by defining 6 elements of a winning story

Write a Winning Story

I will coach you to use your story elements to write a story oneliner in a way people will understand. 

Register for Winning Story Workshop


 “The workshop helped me see what we do for our customers differently; I am going to make easy changes to my email and website and I really see how it will engage people vs rattling on at them.” 

- Stacy B., Manager NH Insurance Agency 

 “Mary has the amazing ability to quickly grasp the core value and culture of a business. In a very technical industry, her perspective is invaluable if you want to put your awesome technology into a digestible form! I honestly cannot say enough positive things about her.” 

Wes J., CEO Chicago AI Network Provider 

Our Services

Winning Story Workshop

Are buyers engaging with your story?  Register for the Winning Story Workshop to learn how to simplify your message and write a clear story that tells customers you care what they want and how you will help them achieve it. 

Implementation Plans

iMarket2 is available to guide you in writing custom go-to-market and implementation playbooks that will get you recognized.  When you need more, we are here to compliment your team by in-sourcing our expertise and resources.

Virtual CMO

No full time Chief Marketing Officer? 

Consider a virtual-CMO who becomes a part-time executive addition to your staff, and will bring a market-based perspective, crystallize strategy, and manage implementation. 

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